Our Detroit plant was launched in Detroit in 1998 as a purpose built lean assembly plant for rolling chassis. It is designed with flexible assembly lines that accommodate multiple chassis configurations and line rates. Additional chassis and sub-assemblies can be launched with minimum lead time and added tooling costs.

  • 218,000 square feet on 33 acres,
  • 80,000 units annual capacity
  • Rail and Truck transport capability
  • CMM capability for 42 feet vehicles
  • Multi spindle interlock tooling
  • EOL Rolls and NGS testing

Detroit Chassis has assembled  the Ford F-53 motor home chassis since 1999.  The plant has also produced the chassis for the Ford Explorer-based U.S. Postal Service vehicle, a school bus and the Think Neighbor electric low-speed vehicle.

At its inception, the facility was designed to incorporate the latest lean manufacturing strategies.  No effort was spared to challenge, critique and evolve the design to optimize its niche and low volume build capabilities.